Friday , 27 April 2018

Amni in talks with NAPIMS for 8-well Tubu Development Campaign

Amni has progressed talks with its Joint Venture partner NAPIMS, the investment arm of the Nigerian state hydrocarbon company NNPC, over field development plan for the Tubu oil and gas field in shallow water southeast Niger Delta.

According to African Oil+Gas report, the conversations have happened in Houston, where Amni has technical office and in Lagos, where it is headquartered.

It stated that the undeveloped discovery is the main asset in the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 52 that Amni purchased from Chevron in 2013.

Chevron had done a comprehensive appraisal of the field, drilling a total of seven wells, but had stopped short of full scale development.

The company has in plan to drill eight more wells as part of field development, but it’s not clear whether this includes a gas development, as Tubu also contains, apart from pure oilfield reservoirs, both non associated gas reservoirs and associated gas accumulations.




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