Sunday , 18 March 2018

Baker Hughes introduces corrosion inhibitor for cooling water systems

Baker Hughes has emerged with non-phosphorous corrosion inhibition program for industrial cooling water systems.
The company indicated that in addition to the primary task of controlling corrosion in water cooling towers and other cooling system equipment, the non-phosphorous content facilitates compliance with emerging regulatory standards that restrict the amount of phosphorous in industrial plant water systems.
It disclosed that the program consists of a new non-phosphorous chemical corrosion inhibitor, online monitoring, technical engineered services and support.
The company noted that historically, most refineries and petrochemical plants have used traditional ortho-phosphates or other phosphorous-containing water treatment programs to control corrosion in industrial cooling systems.
It maintained that emerging regulatory requirements, implemented amid concerns about the potential impact of phosphorous on surface water and the environment, restrict the amount of phosphorous allowed in chemical treatment programs.
The LIFESHIELD program enables industrial plants to meet these stringent environmental regulations without compromising operational efficiency and enables them to reliably manage issues related to highly corrosive water systems.
The LIFESHIELD non-phosphorous corrosion inhibition program is the latest example of the Baker Hughes strategy to improve well efficiency, optimize production, and increase ultimate recovery.
Baker Hughes is a leading supplier of oilfield services, products, technology and systems to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry. The company’s 39,000 employees today work in more than 80 countries helping customers find, evaluate, drill, produce, transport and process hydrocarbon resources.




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