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Katsina plans to host investment summit

The Katsina state government has concluded plans to host investment summit in order to attract local and foreign investors to the state.
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The chairman of the event, Alhaji Ibrahim Tukur Jikamshi said the event; scheduled to take place from May 9-11, 2016 is targeted at exposing the rich opportunities of the state to investors.
He said Katsina state is blessed with many agricultural and other resources that can support the establishment of viable industries, thereby assisting to diversify the nation’s economy.
Jikamshi said these include tomatoes, sugar cane, silica sand and granite among others which can be processed into many finished goods.
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He said the state government has put in place adequate policies and incentives to encourage investors to stake their resources in the state.
Jikamshi noted that the state is blessed adequate persons and organizations, including financial institutions and good roads to promote investment.
He said goods and services could be produced and marketed in the state and other parts of the nation, especial Lagos and other southern states.
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Jikamshi said the state also has markets in other parts of the world, including Northern Africa that had been trading with the state since the era of Trans Saharan Trade.
He said that the summit with the theme ‘Unlocking Investment Potentials for Sustainable Development’ was conceived in line with the regime `s policy trust which focuses on holistic development of the state.
The chairman added that the summit would also show case the several selling points of the state to the investors that will participate in the event.
He said Katsina state is the second biggest producer of sorghum in the country; that explains why the state is trying to attract investors from America to develop the commodity across the value chain.
The secretary to the state government, Dr. Mustafa Inuwa said the state remains very attractive to potential investors.
Inuwa disclosed that the government has provided adequate measures to boost security in the state.
He said the government has equipped and supported security agencies to protect investments and investors in the state.
Inuwa indicated that unlike in the past, the state has become an investors’ paradise in the northern part of the nation.
It was learnt that from pre-colonial times to the present, katsina state (that is katsina and Daura emirates) has always been the shining star of the North.
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The state is also said to be the cultural pacesetter of the region; as well as the birthplace of the seven historic Hausa states that form the nucleus of what is today northwest Nigeria.
A source noted that Daura has the distinction of being the cradle of Hausaland’s civilization.
It indicated that it is in Daura that the mythical union between Bayajidda and Daurama brought forth the founding fathers of Daura, Katsina, Zaria, Kano, Rabir, and Biram-the seven Hausa states that constitute the fulcrum of northern Nigeria. Daura is also the cradle of the seven so-called Banza Bakwai states –Zamfara, Kebbi, yawuri, Ilorin, Nupe, Gwari and kwararrfa-which Emir of Daura Alhaji Faruk Umar Faruk renamed in 2009 to Yan Uwa Bakwai.
“In other words, much of what constitutes northern Nigeria would have been inconceivable without Daura. And this fact, as we will see later, continued to define katsina state’s relations with its neighbhours throughout much of the colonial and post –colonial periods. A few centuries after Daura birthed the 14 Hausa and non-Hausa city states in what today northern Nigeria is, Katsina quickly outrivaled its siblings and emerged as the strongest of the states.
“Between the 17th and 18th centuries, at the peak of the Trans-saharan Trade, Katsina became the veritable commercial headquarters of the entire Hausaland.  Historical records have it that Katsina also became, far away, the biggest and most prosperous of the Hausa city states. As the cynosure of Hausaland at the time, its economy boomed tremendously.”
-          National Mirror




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