Tuesday , 20 March 2018

NGA inaugurates study groups to enhance development in gas sector

The Nigerian Gas Association’s Executive Council has established five study groups to spearhead research and explore viable methods to further develop the nation’s vast and untapped gas resources for domestic utilisation.
Commenting at the inauguration of the study groups, NGA President, Bolaji Osunsanya, said: “I am excited by the calibre and experience of the volunteers involved, and the vibrant enthusiasm they’ve shown for the task at hand. The rejuvenation of the study groups encourages the self-development of our members, and establishes the groups as focal engagement points and drivers of the NGA’s pertinent objectives. More importantly, the key findings collated will significantly enhance the association’s advocacy capacity, and enable us better synergise with the government and other important institutions to promote the best technical, regulatory, and contractual practices.”
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The NGA first Vice President and overseer of the study groups, Engr. Dada Thomas said, “The fact-based research and key position papers provided by the study groups will play a crucial part in advancing the NGA’s Four Cardinal Value Propositions of anticipating and driving legislation and policies; positioning the association as the data and knowledge resource center of choice within the industry; encouraging best practices and acceptable standards; and promoting viable investments within the Nigerian gas sector. The executive council is committed to the prevailing success of the groups, and will ensure adequate support is constantly provided.”




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